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JRC Fabricating has specialized in steel lighthouse design, fabrication, building and construction since 1990 in addition to our core steel fabrication business. Our lighthouse designs are 19th Century inspired as well as architecturally authentic. The primary function of our lighthouses is that they serve as beacons that inspire and fascinate as well as being architectural icons. See the video of our Discovery Bay, CA lighthouse project!rockwalltourists We have discovered that they tend to transform their surroundings as in the case with the one we designed and fabricated for Rockwall, Texas outside of Dallas. CLICK HERE A once obscure location became a major destination spot. The benefits to the local businesses and community are immeasurable. A lasting monument with lasting sustainability.The lighthouse we created pulled everything together at the site. Realistic form and simplicity of function were paramount. It had to be the focal point of an already ambitious project at the Harbor on Lake Ray Hubbard. JRC Fabricating offers pre-designed and engineered steel lighthouses from 12 ft. to 36 ft. high to meet a multitude of applications such as:  
  • Marinasnewlanterntop150
  • Ports and Harbors
  • Shoreline Developments
  • Lake Front Homes
  • Tourist Locations
  • Rooftops
  • Business Signage
  • Memorials
  • Piers and Much More…
With lighthouses above 40 ft. using our steel tower engineering is a cost-effective solution compared to using other building methods. We can top out at 60 ft. Lantern rooms from 2 ft. to 8 ft. can be provided as separate units for a variety of applications. Click for details on our latest install from the Delta Sun Times Daily News! With all steel construction, we are able to achieve fine detail and rugged durability as well as a low impact simple concrete footing requirements, which allow for ease of on-site installations. We use the best finishes and undercoats as to eliminate the need for maintenance. shopinback300There are many lighting options. We fabricate a mirrored rotating unit and a special stationary custom lens unit. Security lighting and LED Solar lighting are also available. Web cams and security cameras are other possibilities that can be used in the lighthouses. Delivery and installation are available with all our lighthouses. We provide direct from JRC Fabricating, our manufacturer services, which ensures streamlined communications and cost savings. All forms of customization are available. We will work with all specialized applications and requirements to ensure we meet your standards.

From Coast to Coast, Carolina to California, Maine to Oregon, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona or Virginia, to the Great Lakes States, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York, Indiana, Ontario, Canada or any where in the world.

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